GolfRite clinics offer students the same high-quality instruction as a private session, in a friendly and fun group setting.

  • Choose from a variety of instructional topics: Driving, Iron Play, Short Game and Putting

  • Minimum of four (3) and maximum of eight (8) students allow for the optimal group instructional setting

  • 90 minute session

RATE: $79 / clinic


Step up to the tee box with confidence. In this clinic we will discuss and learn about the fundamentals of driving the golf ball. Getting off the tee is a critical component to the game that can make or break a round.

Additional topics covered:

  • Setup

  • Ball Flight

  • Tee Shot Strategy

Multiple Dates Available: May thru August


Having trouble with your mid-to-long irons? In this clinic we will focus purely on iron play. Get to know what each iron in your bag does depending on ball lie or position on the course. Understand distance and trajectory whether you’re on the fairway or on the tee.

Additional topics covered:

  • Setup

  • Ball Position

  • Controlling Trajectory

Multiple Dates Available: May thru August


Learn to dial it in from short distances. Good pitching and chipping is proven to lower your scores! We will focus on distances from 100 yards and in and learn how to attack each type of distance and shot type with the clubs in your bag. Once on the green, we will focus on proper technique to putting that when used helps create consistency on the greens and gives you a chance to sink any putt regardless of distance or shape.

Additional topics covered:

  • Short game: Trajectory, strategy and technique for chips and pitches

  • Putting: Setup, Path, Face, Distance Control

Multiple Dates Available: May thru August

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