There are tons of golf equipment out there ranging from training aids to GPS trackers. However, when I come across a product that I truly believe can help my students improve their game or is simply fun and entertaining, I want everyone to know about it. Here are some of those products.


Unique in that it is the only putter created to swing perfectly square to the arc of the stroke! The face does not, and will not, twist throughout the stroke. All L.A.B. putters offer complete customization, offering exact specifications of length, lie angle, grip type, head color, and alignment options.

I was custom-fitted by one of their master fitters right on the PGA Show floor, and came away with confidence, knowing that my new putter fits me exactly! Knowing I have the “Rite” fit gives me incredible confidence on the putting green.

My experience was so overwhelming that I have decided to offer customized, L.A.B. putters to GolfRite students. If you would like to learn if a customized, L.A.B. putter will help you putt better, then now is the time to book a putter fitting at GolfRite. Let’s learn if this putter is “Rite” for you!


I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one of these – WOW! Think of it as a mini-Trackman that can be setup anywhere to get your numbers. I have used it hitting into a net in the backyard and hitting out of the teaching bay at GolfRite. What is incredible is the amount of technology packed into this device.

I was so impressed by it that we have teamed up with Rapsodo to offer GolfRite students a discount! Simply enter ‘golfrite’ at checkout on the Rapsodo site and you will be discounted. Reach out if you have any questions and have fun using the MLM!